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The general assembly convenes as usual and extraordinary. The Ordinary General Assembly convenes within three months from the end of the accounting period of the Company and at least once a year and discusses the issues on the agenda prepared by the Board of Directors taking into account the relevant provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code. Each shareholder has one vote at the General Assembly meetings. General assembly meetings are held at the headquarters of the Company or in the headquarters of the headquarters where the headquarters is located. If the General Assembly Meeting is held in a place outside the Company's headquarters by a resolution of the Board of Directors, it is obligatory that this place is indicated in the meeting's davis. It is imperative that the representative of the Customs and Trade Ministry be present at the ordinary and extraordinary General Assembly Meetings. Decisions to be taken at the general assembly meeting to be held in the absence of the representative are invalid.

Shareholders may be represented at the General Assembly meetings by representatives appointed from among themselves or from outside. Representatives who have a share in the company are also authorized to use the shares owned by their representatives other than their own. The form of the authorization document is determined by the board of directors within the framework of Capital Markets Board regulations. It is imperative that the authority document is written. The representative must use the vote in accordance with the request of the transferor, provided that the authority is specified in the authority document of the transferring partner. The related regulations of the Capital Markets Board shall be followed in respect of voting by proxy.

At the general assembly meetings, the votes are given by raising hands by showing the documents specifying the ones used by proxy in the framework of Capital Markets Board regulations. Shareholders or their representatives who wish to participate in the meeting in electronic environment shall apply to the General Assemblies of Joint Stock Companies published in the Official Gazette dated August 29, 2012 and "Regulations Regarding General Assemblies to be Made in Electronic Media in Joint Stock Companies (EGKS)" published in Official Gazette dated August 28, 2012 and numbered 28395 Electronic General Assembly System "in accordance with the provisions of the Communiqué.

The balance sheet, profit and loss accounts of the General Assembly of the Company and the Board of Directors and Auditors' Reports for the relevant year shall be available for examination by the shareholders at the Company's headquarters and at the Company's website at for a period of three weeks from the date of the General Assembly .