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Considering that the largest part of our country's savings is made up of real estates, it is of great importance that the institutional capital managed by the professionals in the construction sector can enter. It is expected that long-term housing financing will become feasible and REITs, which provide sectoral corporate capital inflows, will play a more active role in the markets as a new capital market instrument. 49,09% of Özderici REIT shares are traded on the stock exchange. The structure of the partnership as of 14.01.2013 is as follows:

Name Surname / Trade Name Share Amount (TL) Share Rate (%)
ALİ UĞUR ÖZDERİCİ 63.653.192,05 25,46 25,46
AHMET ÖZDERİCİ 63.653.061,21 25,46 25,46
Others 122.693.746,74 49,08 49,08
Total 250.000.000,00 100,00 100,00